The Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan
reaches Regulation 16 Stage

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Hereford County Council who will take the Plan through its final stages before it is submitted to a local referendum of the electorate in Kington Town, Kington Rural and Huntington Parishes.

As a first stage Herefordshire Council
are consulting on the Regulation 16 Plan.

The Details of this Consultation are as follows: (Site Notice pdf)


The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Notice is hereby given that Herefordshire Council has received, under Article 15 of the above Regulations, the Kington Area Neighbourhood Development Plan which has been submitted by Kington Town Council, Kington Rural and Lower Harpton Group Parish Council and Huntington Parish Council.

The consultation period is
3 October 2018 to 14 November 2018

During this consultation period, the plan can be viewed:

  • On the website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning/

  • At Hereford Centre, Blueschool House,
    Blueschool Street, Hereford

  • At Kington Centre, Bridge Street, Kington

  • At Huntington Village Hall,
    Huntington, Herefordshire, HR5 3PA

  • All Customer Services Centres and libraries within the county (electronic only)

If you wish to make representations
or comment you can do so by:-

Website: using the online comment at:

e-mail: neighbourhoodplanning@herefordshire.gov.uk

post: Neighbourhood Planning Team, Planning Services,
PO Box 4, Hereford, HR1 2ZB

These should be received no later than 14 November 2018

If you wish to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision under Regulation 19 in relation to the Neighbourhood Development Plan, please indicate this on your representation.
Information about what personal information we are required to make public when you make a representation regarding a Neighbourhood Development Plan and how we will use it and keep it safe can be found here: http://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplanningprivacynotice

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Date: 3 October 2018

Neighbourhood Planning – V2 – October 2015

Supporting Evidence

The relevant Consultants Reports can be viewed on the Info/Resources page.

One Response to Welcome

  1. Vicky Bernays says:

    I think that pedestrianizing the High Street would be great – if it can be made to work.

    I strongly feel that something must be done to de-list some of our older buildings, in particular the Methodist Chapel and The Queen’s Head Bridge Street.

    The chapel would be a wonderful site for a community area right in the centre of town, i.e – large meeting hall, with stage, useful office space, tourist information, etc.

    The Queen’s Head would convert very nicely to flats with their own parking space at the back. Or could be rebuilt if planning permission were to observe the period character of the street.

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