Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031

Kington Town,
Kington Rural & Lower Harpton
and Huntington

REFERENDUM DATE:   Thursday,  25th July

The three Councils worked together to produce the Plan.  It contains policies for new housing, economic development and the protection of open green spaces.

The Plan can be seen below, and on Kington Town Council’s website, and Herefordshire Council’s website. Hard copies can be seen in Kington Library, Kington Town Council Office, Huntington Village Hall and Kingswood Hall.

All electors in the three Parishes are eligible to vote on whether or not they want the Plan to be adopted. If adopted the Plan will become part of Herefordshire Council’s set of Development Policies used to decide on all planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.

Voting will be on Thursday 25th July. Postal votes and proxy votes are allowed.   All electors will receive a poll card from the Electoral Office telling them where to vote.

Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031

                                                                               & Notice of Referendum

NOTICE OF ELECTIONKington Area Neighbourhood Plan - Final

One Response to Welcome

  1. Vicky Bernays says:

    I think that pedestrianizing the High Street would be great – if it can be made to work.

    I strongly feel that something must be done to de-list some of our older buildings, in particular the Methodist Chapel and The Queen’s Head Bridge Street.

    The chapel would be a wonderful site for a community area right in the centre of town, i.e – large meeting hall, with stage, useful office space, tourist information, etc.

    The Queen’s Head would convert very nicely to flats with their own parking space at the back. Or could be rebuilt if planning permission were to observe the period character of the street.

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