Herefordshire Council has now completed their Regulation 16 Consultation on the Kington Neighbourhood Plan.

They haveĀ  reviewed the the various comments received which were largely supportive, and resolved that the Plan can be submitted to an External Planning Inspector who will conduct the final assessment before the Plan is subject to the Referendum. The results of the consultation are detailed in the Progress to Examination Decision Document which can be seen below.

This confirms that the draft Plan can be appropriately taken to the next stage-the Planning Inspector’s assessment- without further revision.

Progress to Examination Decision Doc.

Other Supporting Evidence

The Progress to Examination Decision Document and other relevant Consultants Reports can also be viewed on the Info/Resources page.

One Response to Welcome

  1. Vicky Bernays says:

    I think that pedestrianizing the High Street would be great – if it can be made to work.

    I strongly feel that something must be done to de-list some of our older buildings, in particular the Methodist Chapel and The Queen’s Head Bridge Street.

    The chapel would be a wonderful site for a community area right in the centre of town, i.e – large meeting hall, with stage, useful office space, tourist information, etc.

    The Queen’s Head would convert very nicely to flats with their own parking space at the back. Or could be rebuilt if planning permission were to observe the period character of the street.

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