Notice of Referendum – 25th July 2019

Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan

Supporting Evidence to
Herefordshire Council’s Reg.16 Consultation

(Neighbourhood Planning Site Notice)

Consultants Reports for the Kington Area Neighbourhood Plan

AECOM (2015)

Kington Neighbourhood Plan:
Site Options and Assessment.
Final Report


Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Assessment


Landscape Review of Town Settlement Boundary
and Local Green Spaces


Character Appraisal – Kington


Summary Description for Kington Town Greenspaces

Summary Description for Kington Rural and Lower Harpton Greenspaces

Summary Description for Huntington Greenspaces



Feedback from Consultation & Questionnaire

See what you said in the Report on the
Questionnaire Results & Analysis

Q4 Hergest Settlement BoundaryQ1 Green Spaces in Kington Q2 Green Spaces at Hergest Q3 Kington Settlement Boundary

KANPlan Questionnaire – Consultation

On-line Questionnaire at:

Kington Chronicle Summer Special – KANPlan Summary

Other Consultants Reports

As we got the reports back from the Landscape, Architectural Character, Environment & Green Space these were made available available here.

“Kington Draft Masterplan” by AECOM
Development Principles for Land South of Kington

Kington Draft Plasterman for K12&K13 12-7-16

Report from neighbourhood consultation meeting on draft Masterplan for K12 & K13 14-7-16

“Landscape Assessment” by Carly Tinkler

Kington Landscape Assessment – October 2015

Fig.1 Landscape Sensitivity – Agricultural Map
Fig.2 Landscape Sensitivity – Energy Production Map

Landscape Sensitivity Maps

Biodiversity Baseline – Map
Existing & Proposed Development – Baseline Map
Historic Landscape – Baseline Map
Landscape Character – Baseline Map
Landscape Character Type – Map
Views & Visual Amenity – Map
Views & Visual Amenity – Map
Polytunnel & Solar – Map
Polytunnel & Solar – Map
Views & Visual Amenity – Map

“Potential Sites for Kington Housing Development” by Sam Rozillo

Map of all potential Housing Site

Kington Site identification and Assessment – FINAL DRAFT Report (2) Sam Rosillo

Kington Potential Housing & Natural Environment Map
Kington Potential Housing & Historic Environment Map

“Green Spaces” by Lewis Goldwater

Lewis Goldwater’s detailed report on  from all available information including that which was provided from the findings of the Questionnaires in Kington (KLAP), Kington Rural and Huntington is now available. To see or download his presentation (extremely large sized files) please follow this dropbox link: KANPlan Green Spaces – Presentation
(it is not necessary to register with dropbox to access this)

Summary Descriptions for Kington Town Green Spaces
Summary Descriptions for Huntington Green Spaces
Summary Descriptions for Kington Rural with Lower Harpton Green Spaces

Kington Final Greenspace map
Huntington key Greenspace Diagram
All Summary Greenspace Tables

“Kington Character Assessment” by Mark Owen

Kington – Character Appraisal by Mark Owen

Additional Maps & Plan Information

  1. Kington Location Plan
  2. 2015 Map: Land Uses
  3. 2015 Map: Infrastructure
  4. 2015 Map: Legibility Analysis
  5. 2015 Map: Town Centre Legibility Analysis
  6. 1928 Figure / Ground Map
  7. 1980 Figure / Ground Map
  8. 2015 Figure / Ground Map

Questionnaire Findings:

From questionnaires undertaken to collect the opinions of residents on a range of issues.
Kington KLAP Action Plan & Report on the KLAP Survey
Huntington Questionnaire Results Open Question ResponsesQ’s 20 & 23 Analysis Q23 Map &
Draft Report Kington Rural Questionnaire Results & Individual Open Question Responses

The following documents provide useful detail on Neighbourhood Plans:

CPRE:How to shape where you live:a guide to neighbourhood planning
Locality: Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide
Community Right to Build Orders

Planning Group Minutes:

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Notes from other, public meetings:

KANDP Housing Meeting Notes 30-6-14

KANDP Transport Meeting Notes 30-7-14

Summer Series of Huntington Parish meetings resulting in the Questionnaire