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KANPlan at Regulation 16

The KANPlan has been amended in the light of comments made by local residents, Herefordshire Council Officers and Organisations such as the Environment Agency.

The comments were recorded and compiled in a report to be sent shortly to Herefordshire Council together with the amended Plan.

The Council will scrutinise the documents and decide whether the Plan is ready to be examined by an external Inspector (Regulation 16 of the process)


What You Said

Notes from the Consultation Feedback Meeting
27th July 2017

Report & Analysis

Q5 Proposed Housing Sites Q4 Hergest Settlement Boundary Q2 Green Spaces at Hergest Q3 Kington Settlement Boundary Q1 Green Spaces in Kington



To see the full draft Plan now go to [link]

Timetable for completion of the Plan

There is now a draft timetable towards the public referendum on this plan, in order to fulfil the process known as Regulation 14.

Regulation 14 Draft Timetable

Consultants Reports – Now Available

“Kington Draft Masterplan” by AECOM
“Landscape Assesment” by Carly Tinkler
“Green Spaces” by Lewis Goldwater
“Potential Sites for Kington Housing Development” by Sam Rozillo
“Kington Character Assessment” by Mark Owen

All these reports are available with accompanying maps and other resources on the Info/Resources page.

Questionnaire Findings: from questionnaires undertaken to collect the opinions of residents on a range of issues are also now available on the Information & Resources page.

A Public Meeting was held on Wednesday 11th November to receive the reports from two of our consultants and to ask questions.

Part of the evening’s session was a “mind-mapping” exercise and a small survey to help inform the “Character Assessment” consultant’s final report. If you would like to contribute please complete their survey (Word doc. or pdf) and return it by email to Martin Fitton via the contact us page or by hand via the Clerk at the Old Police Station.

We have been holding public meetings and events to which everyone has been invited to attend. We have discussed many  issues, and gathered many ideas and suggestions from residents of the NP area, to form the basis for preparing draft policies.

Click on the links below to see what we have done so far – more updates will be added once the notes have been collated.